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Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein

Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein was a student at the University of Manchester before the outbreak of World War One. Already

Sir James Chadwick

James Chadwick was a student at the University of Manchester before World War One and became a member of staff

Private Pearce, the lab assistant

After my father left Manchester Grammar School in 1911, he was articled to an insurance company to be trained in

Manchester Museum specimens sent from the trenches

Dr Arthur Randall Jackson is sometimes known as the “father of British arachnology”. Born in Southport in 1877, he studied

The Melland Schill Lectures

The will of Miss Olive B. Schill of Prestbury, Cheshire, contained a bequest left to The University of Manchester in

Destruction of the University of Leuven Library

The destruction of the Leuven library was an early tragedy of the war. During the first few days of hostilities,

Rutherford’s secret war

One of the most important changes arising from the 1914-18 war was that its pressure forced the foundation of ‘government

The Manchester Museum and the Great War

The Manchester Museum became involved in the First World War through its staff and its activities. As far as possible,

Letter from S.L. Connor

On Monday April 23rd, he led his men “over the top”. Ten minutes later at 10pm, he fell with a