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The War’s greatest loss?

The death of Henry Moseley in August 1915 was lamented by the world’s scientific community. Isaac Asimov commented that Moseley’s death “might

Gertrude Powicke

Gertrude Powicke grew up in a very religious and scholarly family from Stockport; as the daughter of a Congregational minister

Thomas Frederick Tout

Trained in Oxford, Tout was Professor of History in Manchester from 1890 to 1925. Unlike his predecessor, Ward,  Tout followed

Arthur Schuster

Arthur Schuster had been a professor at the Victoria University of Manchester from 1881 to 1907 and designed the physics

John Cockcroft

Studied at VUM and returned to Technical School to complete a BScTech and MScTech with Professor Miles Walter who then

Letter written by G.S. Baldwin to Thomas Tout ( 8 December 1918)

As you will perhaps recall I joined the forces at once in August 1914, was seriously wounded in September 1915,

Letter written by Maurice Vincent Gregory to Thomas Tout (16 November 1916)

I am sending this by a chum who is coming home on leave so that it will not be censored…My

Letter written by Robert Harold Bedford to Thomas Tout (24 April 1917)

The air is thick with rumours, most of them very exhilarating, but the Boche is still carrying on as doggedly

Letter written by James Stanley Carr to Thomas Tout (27 August 1917)

At night, without lights, is a punishment and I wonder what are my sins to deserve such. Still I’m a