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Esteemed architect who survived the trenches

John Hubert Worthington, known as Hubert for most of his life, was born at Chorley on 4th July 1886 to Thomas

Harold’s Labour of Love

“They did not even have a filing cabinet,” said Prof. Harold Hankins, CBE, FEng when he began researching the history

Anti-war activism

Walton Newbold (1888-1943) is one of the few University students known to have been active opponents of the War.  Unlike

Ellen Wilkinson’s wartime work

Ellen Wilkinson (1891-1947) is perhaps the most famous politician to have studied at our University. Her name is now indelibly

Our WW1 Memorials

In the aftermath of the Great War memorials to those who died were erected in almost every town and village

A Forgotten University Memorial of World War One

Standing in a corner of Whitworth Park, adjacent to the newly-refurbished Whitworth Art Gallery, lies a seldom visited World War

Gerald B. Hurst: lecturer and author of ‘With The Manchesters in the East’

Gerald was born on 4th December 1877 at Bradford to William Martin Hertz, a Woolen Merchant of German Jewish descent.

Staff and students at Gallipoli

By late 1914 it was already apparent that a decisive victory on the Western Front was very unlikely. The Gallipoli

Thomas Eric Peet

Thomas Eric Peet was born in 1882 in Liverpool to middle class parents, Thomas and Salome Peet. He was educated