Captain, “D” Coy 1st/6th Battalion Manchester Regiment.

Killed in action on Friday 4th June 1915, age 27.

Buried at Twelve Tree Copse Cemetery, Turkey.

Associated with the Department of Sanitary Engineering.


Stanley was born on 1st September 1887, the only son of Samuel and Alice Foster Jackson of Hale, Cheshire. He was educated at St. Winifred’s, Surrey and Shrewsbury College. He became a member of the Manchester Stock Exchange. He was associated with the Sanitary Engineering Department at The Tech though it is not known in what capacity. He enjoyed many sports. He played cricket for Shrewsbury and Cheshire cricket teams, rugby football for Manchester and Lancashire and won several swimming cups while in the Manchester Swimming Club. He was a member of the the Lytham and St. Annes and Timperley golf clubs, winning the Balfour Cup in 1912.

In 1905 Stanley joined the volunteer force and progressed to being a captain in the 6th Manchester Regiment on July 1912. At the outbreak of war his unit went to Egypt and then Gallipoli where he was killed in an attack on the Turkish trenches. His adjutant wrote “He carried on with the best of pluck and judgment. He certainly owed his company a debt, as they were a magnificent lot of men; but he paid every penny of it, and led them throughout like a man. He was hit early in the charge and died not long after”. The commanding officer said “Stanley has laid down his life as one of a very gallant band of friends who died leading their men in a splendid charge. We were always rather proud in the sixth of our officers being ‘ public school men’, and I always think of Stanley as a type of all that is summed up in this expression. His physical powers, his keenness on games, his absolutely open and ture-hearted nature, were all qualities which appealed to the young fellows who made up the battalion, and made him a leader among them”. Two men of the company were awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal for trying to assist him under heavy fire.

Stanley had married a Winifred Parkin of St. Annes in August 1914. Soon after their honeymoon he was sent to Egypt and she travelled with him, returning home when he left for Gallipoli. Their daughter, Denys Stanley, was born after his death in September 1915. Winifred inherited £4397 1s. 9d. from Stanley.

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