2nd Lieutenant, 5th Battalion Manchester Regiment.

Died of wounds Sunday 15th August 1915, age 20.

Buried at Alexandria (Chatby) Military and War Memorial Cemetery, Egypt, grave reference Q.489.

Student of medicine.



Born on 8th May 1895, Harold grew up in St Annes-on-Sea, the eldest of three children. He attended King Edward VII School in Lthyam between 1908 and 1913, afterwards deciding to follow in his father’s footsteps, entering Manchester University in October 1913 to study medicine. During his time in Manchester he resided at Hulme Hall.

A keen member of the University OTC, Harold was attending the annual Officer Training Corps summer camp when war broke out in August 1914. As with many others of his peers in the OTC, Harold was quick to offer his services to the Army, completing an application form for a commission with the 5th Battalion Manchester Regiment. Whilst his application was processed, Harold continued with his studies at the University, finally leaving Hulme Hall in laterNovember 1914 to start training in December. With the 5th Battalion already serving overseas in Egypt, Harold joined the newly founded reserve Battalion of the 5th Manchesters, known as 2/5th Battalion. Beginning training in Southport, the Battalion later moved to Crowborough, Sussex.

In May 1915 the Allied Armies launched the Gallipoli offensive. The Manchester Regiment was heavily involved after the initial landings, with the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Battalions forming the Manchester Brigade within the 42 Division. On 4 June, all four Battalions were involved in an attack on the Turkish lines, which was to cost the lives of many of their number. In response to the number of casualties received, men from the reserve battalions were drafted out to Gallipoli to help bring the front line Battalions back to strength. Having just completed five months of training, Harold was one of those called upon. Leaving England on 3 July, it took three weeks to meet up with their colleagues in Gallipoli, arriving on 24 July.

By late July 1915 the Allies were preparing for another offensive in an effort to break the stalemate that had set in since the first landings earlier in the year. The plan called for an amphibious assault by British troops at Suvla Bay which would support a breakout by ANZAC troops. Harold and the 42 Division were located further South on the Gallipoli peninsula and they received orders that they were to launch a diversionary attack in order to prevent Turkish reinforcements being drawn Northwards to Suvla Bay. The diversionary attack was later to be known as the Battle of Krithia Vineyard.

Whilst the Manchester Regiments did not attack until 7 August, men from the 5th Battalion, including Harold, were ordered to assist infantry battalions from 29 Division two days earlier. Whilst leading his men in a charge across No Mans Land, Harold was severely wounded when struck by a bullet in the chest. Taken back behind the British lines, it was six days before Harold could be evacuated from Gallipoli finally being admitted to 19 General Hospital in Alexandria, Egypt on 12 August. Unfortunately Harold did not recover and succumbed to his wounds three days later.

At the time of Harold’s death, his father, Thomas Porter, was a Captain serving as a Medical Officer with the Royal Field Artillery.

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