Captain, 34th Brigade Royal Garrison Artillery.

Died of wounds, 2nd February 1918, age 27.

Buried at St. Sever Cemetery, Rouen.

Former student of mathematics.


Arthur was born on 3rd October 189o in India to Charles, a manager for the Bengal Silk Company, and Lucy Marshall. They later returned to Bathford, near Bath. In September 1904 Arthur started at Malrborough College on a scholarship. Academically he shone and was described as having an energy ‘as akin to a genius’. With a passion for engineering he gave up his last year at Marlborough to take up a private course in mathematics at Victoria University of Manchester. During the year long course he stayed at Hulme Hall and afterwards went to Cains College, Cambridge University to study Mechanical Science for four years. He then took up an apprenticeship with Bellis & Morcom, an engineering company in Birmingham.

Arthur served in the Officer Training Corps of Marlborough College and Manchester University and from 1911 to 1913 trained and served with the King Edward’s Horse at Cambridge, a cavalry regiment. In September 1914 he enlisted with the Royal Maines Engineers and was appointed as a despatch rider with the 99th Signal Company of the Royal Naval Division (RND), a new unit. The following month he was made a Corporal. In early 1915 the RND went to Egpyt where they trained for the assault on Gallipoli. Having survived most of the campaign without injury Arthur contracted dysentry in November 1915 and was evacuated to the island of Lemnos.

In January 1916 Arthur rejoined his unit which went to the Western Front in May and took up responsibility for a section near Arras. In September 1916 he went to England to train as an officer and by February 1917 was part of 118th Siege Battery Royal Garrison Artillery. A month later he was moved to the Headquarters of 34th Heavy Artillery Group (HAG), promoted to Captain in October and assigned as Adjutant. Following two weeks leave Arthur returned just in time for the start of the Battle of Cambrai. On 8th December, whilst on reconnaissance,  he was severely injured in the right leg by an enemy shell explosion. He succumbed to his injuries two months later whilst still in hospital at Rouen.

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