2nd Lieutenant, 46th Squadron, Royal Air Force.

Died in a flying accident 10th November 1918, age 20.

Buried at Montbliart Communal Cemetery, Belgium.

Unknown relationship to The Tech.


William was born in 1898 to George and Sarah Coulhurt of Moston, Manchester. He enlisted, as private 252498, with 2nd/6th Battalion Manchester Regiment on 5th June 1916 whilst working as a clerk with J.H. Morris & Co. of New Brown Street, Manchester. He later transferred to the Royal Air Force as a Flight Cadet and in August 1918 was commissioned. While taking part in a low bombing run his Sopwith Camel plane was seen to collide with another and he was initially reported missing presumed killed. He left effects worth £156 11s 5s to his father.

William is one of only two military burials in the cemetery where he lies, the other, also from the Royal Air Force died on the same day and is presumably the pilot of the other plane.