Captain, 3rd Battalion attached 1st Battalion Manchester Regiment.

Killed in action on Wednesday 8th March 1916 at Kut, age 21.

Remembered on Basra Memorial, Iraq.

Former student of chemistry.


Arthur was born on 9th January 1895 at Cheetham to Robert G. Owen, a commercial traveler, and his wife Sarah. Census records show he had 6 brothers and a sister. He was educated at Manchester Grammar School from 1908-1911 and was a member of the German Wanderbirds, a German hiking club. He entered Manchester University on a Manchester Corporation Scholarship to study Applied Chemistry and was awarded a BSc. Technology in 1914.

From October 1912 to August 1914 Arthur was member of the University Officer Training Corps. Gazetted on 20th August 1014 to 3rd Battalion Manchester Regiment he was then attached to 1st Battalion for overseas service. He served on the Western Front and in Mesopotamia. The Manchester Guardian reported him missing on 17th March 1916.