Corporal 106095, 186th Field Company Royal Engineers.

Killed on Saturday 25th September 1915, age 19.

Remembered on the Loos Memorial, France, panels 4 &5

Student of applied chemistry.


Aaron was born on 13th May 1896 to Lewis Macarborski, a tailor, of Cheetham, Manchester. Educated at Cheetham Municipal School and Manchester Grammar School he entered Manchester University with a Manchester Corporation Scholarship in 1913 to study applied chemistry. He successfully passed his first year and was registered for the second year when war broke out. He was Honorable Secretary of a local orphan society.

Aaron had weak eyes which prevented him from enlisting, but he offered his services when volunteers for special chemical work were required. He joined the Royal Engineers on 30th June 1915. Within a week he was in France where at the Battle of Loos, which saw the first use of gas by the allies, he was separated from his unit while acting as a sentry.