Lieutenant, D.G.O. 53rd Division HQ, Royal Engineers.

Died 3rd December 1918, age 25.

Buried at Alexandria (Hadra) War Memorial.

Former student of chemistry.


Harry was born in 1893 at Saddleworth, Oldham. Educated at Hulme Grammar School he entered Manchester University in 1910. He graduated in 1913 with a BSc. , gained his MSc. in 1914 and was the Leblanc Medalist (1913). On 12th August 1918 he enlisted and was commissioned a couple of weeks later. He served with the 7th Battalion King’s Own Regiment, Lancashire Regiment and Royal Engineers Special Brigade. He served on the Western Front and in Egpyt, was an anti-gas officer and may have had a temporary promotion to Captain. He died of heart failure on 3rd December 1918 at Alexandria, Egypt.